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Working with exceptional team members, we’re on a mission to eliminate all obstacles to an educated workforce to protect patients worldwide from harmful compounded preparations. Mobile, video-based, pertinent compounding education free to everyone.

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1 Engineering Controls
2 Garbing
3 Cleaning & Disinfection
4 Aseptic Technique
5 Environmental Monitoring
Engineering Controls

Engineering Controls

The engineering controls in a cleanroom are the primary defense against contamination. They work to keep particulate and microorganisms away from the compounded preparation. Understanding how they work and how to work with them is extremely important.



To prevent operators from bringing in contaminants and contributing to the bioburden of the cleanroom, they need to know how to properly gown in order to minimize shedding of particulate and microorganisms.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Cleaning & Disinfection

Because humans are working inside the cleanroom, they bring with them many microorganisms. Learn how to properly clean your controlled environment to prevent contamination.

Aseptic Technique

Aseptic Technique

Because humans are working inside the cleanroom, they bring with them many microorganisms. Learn how to properly clean your controlled environment to prevent contamination.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

In order to ensure that your compounding environment is free from contamination you must correctly and routinely perform environmental monitoring. Learn the different methods and techniques for properly attaining this critical data..

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